Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can't sleep!

It's midnight! And I have to work in the morning!
My Hubby is gone for the evening.
{He's been commuting to school over the last couple months and is gone two nights a week, though this week is the last of that! Praise Jesus!}
I have the hardest time sleeping when he's not here...
Laying in bed for hours, literally, on the computer, reading a book or playing Sudoku...
Most of the time I have my sister spend the night so I'm not so lonely, but she just got married and is with her man now. {and I'm sure he's more fun to sleep with than I am!}
so, trying to make the most of my evening, I made some pretty Christmas ornaments, painted a couple picture frames a new black, watched a movie, ate some popcorn, and thought I'd try to go to bed early so that I wouldn't be up late thinking about my far off Love.
But, here I am... almost 3 hours later, still awake...
I think I can,  I think I can!

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