Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

My Love and I are going to a comedy club tonight with some friends of his from high school. I have never met these people and I have never been to a comedy club... but, I am looking forward to this new experience.
Normally I'd rather see people on a stage preforming a play, a musical, or a little concert even ... I like the arts and the art of storytelling. But I guess a comedian is like a story teller... Maybe I'll love it!

Really, the first thing I should have said is that I am SO glad to have my Hubby home! He makes me happy and, not trying to sound cheesy here but... he completes me!
Me, miss independent, with the "I can do it all on my own" attitude, needs this man! Even when he is grumpy and tired, it doesn't matter, I'm just glad to have him around!
Praise the Lord for level headed, logical and faithful men! And praise the Lord that I have one!

I got off work early so I have time to shower and start laundry before Mr Hubby comes home! I'll light some candles and put some pleasant music on... Get in a cozy/sexy mood and make dinner... Maybe a yummy chili with corn bread... mmmm! It's been raining non-stop today which makes staying inside sound perfect. I'm sure we can think of something to do before the show at 9:00. ;)


echo said...

you're naughty! bring on the apron!

Jess said...

Hope you had fun at the comedy club!