Sunday, November 7, 2010

It all began with "I do"

January 9th 2010
-Happy Wife & Happy Hubby say "I do"-
With these words the adventure of a lifetime began...

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of me & my Hubby on our wedding day. I love how our arms are wrapped around each other... it shows exactly how we live. As a team, working side by side and supporting each other with the special strengths that we each possess. {A good friend of mine explained that it's almost like how a seesaw works; with equal weights on either side it's perfectly balanced and all the more joy as you go up and down with the rhythm of two balanced individuals... I like that.}
And I guess this is what I want to write about... my side of the story, and how I live out my love for my dearest Hubby who is amazing and takes such good care of me.

There is no perfection in this home, and I will not pretend there to be. Sure, we come close at times :) but where's the fun of growing when you've already arrived? I am growing! A lot! And for the most part, I'm honestly finding it to be fun. Yes, it's stretching and awkward at times, but fun... For me, marriage has been a crazy world of self discovery and new life. The thought of sharing this adventure with you is exciting. {I'm a nut for companionship and as much as I love to be alone, when it comes down to it, I'd rather be with someone... even if in silence}

Therefore, Welcome! We've been ten months into this story so I'll try to catch you up and fill you in on details as I go. But for the most part I plan on taking this one day at a time... with little thoughts, big dreams, funny stories and frustrating conversations... Mr. Hubby might be aloud to read this every once in a while {though this will never be a place for Husband bashing or for belittling him and pointing out his flaws, mine yes, but not his.} Really, this is "girl talk". From one ladies heart to another.

I am HappyWife, and it's nice to make your acquaintance.

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