Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let me be possessed by love...

"A wonderful thing is love, a mighty good indeed - for love alone makes every burden light, and endures with calmness all the roughness of the world.
For it bears a burden without being burdened, and makes all that is bitter, sweet and delicious.
The noble love of Jesus forces us to do great things, and moves us always to desire what is most perfect. Love longs to lift itself on high, and will not be kept down by any earthly groveling.
Love insists on being free, and a stranger to all worldly affections, lest its inward sight should be hindered, lest it should be held back by temporal well-being, or cast down by temporal misfortune.
Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing stronger, nothing loftier, nothing wider, nothing pleasanter, nothing richer or better, in heaven or on earth, because love is born of God, and can find its rest in God alone, above all created things.
He that loves truly, flies, runs, and is always full of joy; he is free and will not be held back.
He gives all for all, and has all in all, because he rests in One alone, far above all, from whom all good springs and wells forth.
He does not look for gifts, but longs for the Giver more than than for all the gifts.
Love knows no bounds, but burns with boundless fervor.
Love feels no burden, counts no cost; longs to do even more than it is able for, and never pleads impossibility, because everything then seems lawful and possible.
Hence a lover of God is strong enough for everything and carries out many things where he that has no love fails and falls to the ground.
Enlarge my heart with love, that I may learn to see how sweet it is to love and to be consumed by love, and to revel in love.
Let me be possessed by love, let me rise above myself in an ecstasy of love.
Let me sing the song of love, "I will follow Thee, my beloved, upon high."
Let my soul be lost in Thy praise, singing aloud to Thee for joy.
Let me love Thee far more than myself, and myself only for Thee, and in Thee all that truly love Thee, as it is written in the law of love, which shines upon us through Thee... "
                                                                    Thomas Kempis

These words spoke volumes to me about 4 years back. I was born to love... and this was music to my heart. This little monk of a man spoke my language. 

The other day I sat back and thought about when it was that I first realized I'd been called to love... I feel a strong pull to do so! And my heart overflows with its magic. To reach out to the old homeless man on the street, the woman sitting alone on the bus, a girl screaming at the person over the phone. I want them to be touched my the hand of God. And I believe that His hands want to use mine. I have laughed with the homeless man, sat next to the woman on the bus, and held the girl who cried after the hard conversation she'd had with her mother.

Six years ago I attended a Bible School and met so many wonderful people. I was 20 and had just spent the last eight months discovering my faith and myself... During my stay at school, I became known as Grandma. Yes, "Grandma". Each night different girls would come into my room and talk with me, sharing their hearts along with all it's hurts and joys. Sometimes I'd have three girls all snuggled up next to me. {not exactly sure how it worked out but it did} And in the midst of all that I felt full. Even though I was being emptied... or at least giving of myself... I was being filled by God. And it was rich. This is why I was called Grandma. I wasn't there to scold the girls for mistakes they'd made. Not to tell them how to do things or really anything at all... I just listened to them and loved them.
This is what started my affair with love. Well, it was the beginning of my living it out...
When I was 10 I'd written a story about me being a Grandma and taking all of my Grandchildren on a day trip. You might think that this is funny, but it was one of my dreams... to be a Grandma and have a handful of children to love, as well as their children... I imagined spending time with them all and letting them know that they were special to me. 

Anyway... this is what my thoughts took me to. My future was changed... 

Through the dance of it all, it brings me to loving my husband. I have learned more than I'd ever thought possible in the time that the Lords blessed me with. My parents divorced when I was 13 and amongst the anger and tears, I came to know the importance of love. We all need love. And I will love with all my might! Family, friends, strangers... Happy Hubby :)

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