Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little Red Book

Here is a peak into my little red book, filled with ideas and to do lists: Decorating, Special things to buy for Hubby, Projects to work on… All sorts of random thoughts and ways to make the Hubby Happy!

*Wake up early-
   Get dressed, wash face, brush teeth… make tea, Hubby's lunch
  *Sit & read Bible-
   Priorities! God & Hubby.
  By waking up & getting ready for the day, it shows that I am ready, clean, prepared & attentive to the     Lords & Hubby’s needs.
*Be sure to tidy up when I come home so that Hubby can return from work to a clean home & start on his studies with out distraction. {Hubby is in Law School & working part time – He’s so smart!}

*EAT! Wake up & eat something!
*Cut and prep. veggies & fruit
*Eating is essential… don’t wait till you’re way hungry and will eat anything
*Keep food/bars/fruit/nuts in purse or car

*Always shave & be clean
*Painted toenails {Hubby likes that… ha}
*Moisturize & exfoliate
*Be sexy

Keeping this little “journal” has actually been really good for me. Being in this marriage is such a blessing. But with that blessing comes responsibility!
The best way for me to remember things is to write them down… and my mind is always racing with new projects and ideas… so carrying around this tiny little book, and jotting down my thoughts to read before I go to bed, or when I wake up, or anytime, has worked out wonderfully.  I feel like I can actually be productive in these things.

Last night Hubby thanked me for always wearing pretty little things, doing my hair, looking beautiful and keeping my skin soft and smooth…  I think it was the first time he’s said it all together like that… like he’d noticed that I do those things for him. It was nice to hear and rewarding. My work is paying off!

SO, my encouragement to any wife who might read this, Take care of your self. “Seduce your husband! Cause if you don’t, then someone else will!”
And if you’re not married, prepare!
That was one thing that made being single all the more enjoyable for me.
I knew that it was the only time I'd have to get ready for my future Hubby.
Take care of your skin now, the way you eat, the way you present yourself/dress…
During the 2 ½ years that Hubby and I dated, I was privileged with the opportunity to take a counseling course and that has helped a ton in my marriage! Whatever you can do, do it! Spend time with other women you know and respect.  Wives who honor and cherish their husbands and are good mothers…
Learn what you can... And have fun!

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echo said...

you're wonderful!!! I love that "hubby" noticed those things :) Love you sweet friend!