Friday, December 31, 2010

Whirlwind of goodness

My Love is never leaving me for school again! Praise the Lord! We have entered a new season together and it's exciting for me as we settle into this more relaxed routine.
2010 has been a year of much change... Good change and honestly not an ounce of it has really been bad {Okay maybe a little bit of it... but I've grown through it all, and that's where I consider those tough changes to be good. It's all about perspective!}
At the beginning of this year I got married...
{I'm sure you can tell from this photo that I love my friends and siblings! They are THE BEST!}

I was also living in a new town, working a relatively new job, making new friends and trying to get accustomed to life in a place I wasn't too keen on... and then it all ended before I felt like it had begun.
My hubby got himself a job at a law firm in our home town of Portland, and we were to move for the summer. "Good bye little apartment, hello..." "Wait! where are we gonna live!?" It was the oddest transition, but it was clear that it was the next step in our story. To make a very long story somewhat short, we ended up staying with my in-laws for 3 months... and that is that :)
Then, before we knew it, summer was over and school was about to start. Time to move back... UGH!
But! God said "nope" {yes.. I'm sure HE says "nope"} and all we had planned turned into a whole new story. Ditched our little apartment in college town, found a new one in P-town, I got a job, and Hubby began commuting three days a week while I stayed here. And all has been well since.
I love my job! I love being close to my sister and brother and all of my dear friends, I love my church family and I love that no matter what, each year gets better than the last... This is the life!

... The last month or two have been busy, but I'm really grateful for the way this year is ending. My love is home, for good {working at an internship for the rest of the year before he graduates}, I've been writing a lot {obviously not blogging - short children's stories and a young adult fictional adventure}, getting into a good work out routine and spending time with the middle school girls from my small group at church.

There have been a lot of new feelings and thoughts that have been stirring within my heart lately... some build confidence, and some cause me to question things about myself... I will write about some of this soon. Just know that as much as I write about a lot of what makes me a happy wife, I still am a sad wife at times too... But then again, it's all about perspective.

                                     Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year!
...and to the few of you who read my ramblings, I doubt that I will ever go to a comedy club again! It was too raunchy for me!

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