Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Boxes and Hundreds of Noodles!

Hubby has 6 boxes:
1. The wife box
2. The school box
3. The work box
4. The food box
5. The gym box
6. The Jesus box

Me, I have noodles. Not just 6 noodles, or even 10, 
But hundreds! 
1. The Hubby noodle
2. The work noodle
3. The friend noodle {there is one for each of them}
4. The family noodle
5. The clothing/style noodle
6. The learning noodle
7. The future noodle
8. The past noodle
9. The dreaming noodle
10. The adventure noodle
11. The planning noodle
12. The craft noodle
13. The Jesus noodle {I feel kinda odd saying that}
anyway, the list could go on and on...

Maybe you are wondering what I'm talking about... well, I'm talking about OUR BRAINS! 
That's what we've got in our brains my friends! He has the ability to compartmentalize pretty much everything he is thinking about, and oh wait! I forgot that he has a "Nothing Box"! Men have nothing boxes ladies, where they can go and think about nothing, absolutely nothing at all! Gosh I wish I had a "Nothing Noodle"! I can't stop thinking, EVER! And all my thoughts are intertwined like that bowl full of noodles up there. At night, I lay in bed thinking about the silliest things... while hubby goes to that "Nothing Box" and sleeps! 
During the day, my brain is running a million miles per hour. Wondering what I'll do for dinner, what needs to be done at home, who do I need to call, e-mail, what are my plans for the weekend, am I missing something, what bills need to be paid, laundry, oh yah, I need to shower, and write a letter to my Grandma, and blog, and call my Mama, don't forget to read my Bible, and make sure I have something for Hubby's lunch for tomorrow...
All of this and much more! Would you believe that I've had an anxiety attack before?! Like where they thought I was having a heart attack and I was taken to Emergency Care for hours of testing to find out that it was nothing! Absolutely NOTHING! just anxiety. You could call it a panic attack, but that sounds a lot worse to me...
Praise God He has taught me so very much about how to simmer down and relax!

I no longer get anxious about all of the things that flood my mind, I just think it's so silly some times! But, I do accomplish a lot :)

Hubby and I were talking about all of this last night while we were going to bed. We laughed a lot as we bantered back and forth about the plusses and negatives to each others "brain types" all in love of course. 
And then, as he rolled over to sleep, I lay there laughing to myself as I wished so badly to have a "Nothing Noodle" that I could go to each night. Already he was breathing heavily... 

This all feeds in to this new little project I am working on.
Thank you to 
My challenge is to make a Home Management Binder.
My printer is currently out of ink, so a good bit of it is put on hold until tomorrow, 
but I have purchased the binder, and label tabs! Who knows, maybe I will be able to organize these crazy brain noodles of mine ;)

Happy Monday!


echo said...

you make me laugh...

Erin said...

Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog! I am so excited that you did because I have enjoyed reading some of your posts already!! I will definitely be back (most likely on a daily basis, haha). We are so much alike it is unbelievable. I recently dealt with anxiety and thank God that I am slowly overcoming it. Looking forward to reading more posts!!