Friday, January 14, 2011

Always Dreaming About the Sun


 I really miss the sun.
Here, there are grey buildings, grey streets, grey clouds and a big grey sky... 

obviously this isn't me... but this is how I feel sometimes... HO-HUM!
I want to live in a bright & shiny world! SO BADLY! Where the sky is blue, the clouds are white and the ground beneath my feet is warm. My skin craves the heat of the sun! Hubby always laughs at me when I complain about the cold. {which I do very often!} But the thing is, I have spent about 5 years of my life in Africa, 1 in Australia, and another in Texas. {I know what I like!} Also, I'd like to add, when I say that I miss the sun, it's that I miss all of the things that come with it.

Like Palm Trees

and Playing Outside!
without a jacket, 
and scarf,
and thick socks
inside my boots...

I want my toes to be free

Picknicks and Swimming

... really this list could go on and on.

As much as I miss the sun, I do appreciate much of what I am surrounded by. 
Like sweet family and fantastic friends, 
and a wonderful job {which I still need to tell you about!}, 
There is good coffee to be found here in P-town,
and I have an amazing Church Family.

I am a Happy Wife, even on rainy days...
but am still always dreaming about the sun.
Hubby says, "Someday".

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sarah said...

i miss the sun too!