Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books & Me

My love for books began was I was 12. 
Though I'd always enjoyed reading, it was
during some of the toughest years of my life that
I really discovered it's wonders 

When I was 12, my parents marriage began to fall apart. 
Despite the fact that not a word had been said about it to me,
 I knew that things were not as they were meant to be or as they had once been.
My mother was sad,
my father distant.

It was then that I discovered journalling, and books.
There was a library near where we were staying and within it's walls I found my retreat. 
It was a small library, filled with children's books and the classics.
My world would fade as I stepped into these stories.
The Railway Children,
The Chronicles of Narnia,
Charlottes Web,
The Hobbit.

Adventure, mystery, beauty and life. I could relate to the characters in different ways, and my imagination took flight. 

Reading outside was my favorite. Laying in the grass or sand with the sky above... something about the breeze always spoke to me. Like God's breath upon me, calming me and encouraging me to take heart, to not cry and to trust that like in these stories, mine would have a good ending. 
During those days I read a lot. As my parents split up and we moved from Africa to America... my world was a whirlwind of change, but books and writing were my comfort. 
At some point I came to the realization that my life was an adventure, and in my writings, I was telling my story. Would I live boldly, conquering the battles before me, or buckle under the pressure of heartache and discomfort? 
Even now tears fill my eyes as I remember learning to be brave. 
God was holding me. And has always been holding me. That I knew then, and is the reason why I was able to push through the tough times. 
He would not let me go through something that was too difficult. 
Bilbo Baggins, in 'the Hobbit', faced many terrifying moments, but in the end, he overcame.
The Railway Children saved the day and were brave in the face of danger,
Narnia, was a world that taught me much about life and the battle between good and evil.
And Wilber in Charlottes Web gave me courage to keep my chin up even when I didn't know what tomorrow had in store.

Reading is different for me now. I am 26 and it has been over ten years since then. I still favor reading outside. And I still find myself jumping whole heartedly into the stories and finding myself within the pages. But now I read more for pleasure than to find an escape. My love for reading has grown with each passing year. But even more than my love for books is the love that I have for my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world! It has been and continues to be such an amazing adventure.

There are many books in my library now. 
And my library will never stop growing.
Within it's walls you would find books on
Village Living
Being the Oldest Child
The Many Adventures of Amber Dawn
The joys and trials of any job
How to Practice and Grow the Fruits of the Spirit
{and many more}

Thank you for reading my stories here about being A Happy Wife With A Happy Life.
My prayer is that you would be encouraged. 
Some days the chapters will be about what makes me happy, 
some will be about time spent with my Hubby 
and other chapters will be about the tough stuff.
{every book has tough stuff in it}
My promise to you is that each chapter will be written in honesty 
and I will not pretend to be someone that I am not. 

Thanks again for reading.