Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Heart Organizing

This weekend my plan is to take it easy. With no plans aside from church on my schedule, I'll be organizing almost everything I own, from the bathroom, to my closets, the kitchen cupboards, and my junk baskets. {like a junk drawer... I just have two little wicker baskets filled with random stuff}
Maybe you are wondering why after I had said my plan is to take it easy, I tackle such a seemingly big project... well, it's relaxing for me, and fun! As I told you before in a previous post, this is one of my favorite things.
Today, I am organizing all things crafty within my home. Recently I stumbled upon these super cute boxes {@storables}in which I have started to place my pretty paper, glue gun, ribbons, buttons, colored pencils, fabrics and more.

Right now I don't have a working camera to take pictures of where I'm at in all this. But imagine me, surrounded by boxes and baskets with threads, and pens, and pictures and papers and you'd see that slowly but surely, everything is finding a place. 
Living in an apartment has it's ups and downs. I love the location of where we now reside, and the fact that we have a wonderful pool and hot tub! That we are close to shopping and family and that the layout of our place is kinda cool... BUT, we only have so much space to put our/my stuff...
This is when I begin to dream!

Hubby says, "Someday."

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Jess said...

I love those boxes! And that white desk is gorgeous!!!