Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Us

Fun times with my Hubby! I absolutely love him! He's my best friend, my partner in crime, the shoulder I lean on...  I couldn't ask for a better husband. And if I did, I'd be foolish. Perfection is not for this world anymore, and though we strive to put the pieces of this broken life back together, we accept that some things remain off balance. My Love and I are aware that we cannot satisfy each others every need or desire, and we do our best to give one another grace and love when we struggle to see eye to eye, but all the while, as we let go of some things, we work to hold on to what God has called marriage to be. A picture of Himself. I have come to know the character of God more and more as Hubby and I live life committed to each other.

Tonight we made a yummy taco salad, watched Sphere {I hadn't seen it since I was maybe 14... Hubby has never seen it. One of my goals in life is to culture him, In movies, art, the worlds that surround the USofA... it's going to take a while, but we're having fun exploring together. Watching documentaries, going to plays, talking about different world views on every day life. I'm hoping that someday we can travel together... anyway, back to tonight!} Lately we've been really busy with the holidays and such. Too, we love our friends and family and most nights at least one or two of them are over, watching football with the hubby, playing board games with us, or hot tubbing! One of my favorites! So here we are, just us. Sigh! Now, after dinner, movie, painting some letters for our kitchen {E-A-T} red and chatting together for a bit, I'm in bed here at my computer, and he is at his desk in the other room at his computer playing video games. Honestly, I never thought I'd marry a man who played video games, though I don't mind at all. And he only plays every rare once in a while :)
I praise the Lord for times like this... where the world around me is calm, there are no worries, bills are paid, I am warm on this cold night, Hubby is loving me well, my siblings are coming over tomorrow, and I have no reason to wake to an alarm in the morning!

So with that, I say "Bon Nuit." Which is "goodnight" in french. There is a book calling my name and I must finish the rest of my Sangria...

- Currently camera-less so thought this could work as a picture instead... I love drinking out of my jar glass/mug. There is one just like this next to me with a delicious red substance in it and I can't wait for it to warm my belly...

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