Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Need To Quit

I really need to quit
drinking coffee after noon

I should be sleeping... but there is too much on my mind... like:

1. what to make/craft for a couple friends of mine?
2. re-budgetting as Hubby starts new season of work/school.
3. what will I wear tomorrow{always such a big deal! right ladies!?}
4. what will I get for my cousins baby shower this weekend?
5. what will I make Hubby for lunch tomorrow?
6. Little and Ashley - Stole my Heart {song}'s stuck in my head!
7. how come Hubby always falls asleep before me?
8. what will my hair look like after a cut and a little color magic tomorrow?
9. I should paint my nails...

10. this is silly... I'm going to try sleeping again!



Jess said...

Thank You SOOOOOOOO Much for the comment you left me and the follow!! You made my day and we haven't even formally met!!!! Again, thank you so much and I am JUST like you in the fact that I really try to get out there and leave comments and love on other's blogs hoping they return the favor!!! We are now officially blog buddies!! YAY! Keepin it real!

iheartkiwi said...

I am the same way :) I am getting a little too dependent on my afternoon Starbucks run!

I always try to read a little before bed every night to wind down...