Thursday, January 27, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

Today I thought I'd write about what makes me a Happy Wife!
This will only be a condensed list... you see, there are many things that make me happy, and it would take a very long time for me to write everything down {I'm typing! not writing... question!? if you are typing a story, is that the same thing as writing a story?}
Anyway, {I really do wonder that often!} but now, I want to share with you the things I love and appreciate! So here it goes:

  1. God. Without Him I would not be. I am grateful for the life that He has blessed me with. He is my everything!
  2. Girlfriends. I have the best! We go on hot tubbing dates, coffee dates, have sleepovers, share clothes, help each other move, give and get advice, play games, chat about our futures and talk about boys.
  3. Siblings. I live close to my brother and sister and always jump at any chance I get to hang out with them! We understand each other and share the bond of our past. This is unbreakable.
  4. Sunshine. This I have already shared with you before. But really, I LOVE IT! CRAVE IT! WOULD GIVE AWAY MY POSSESSIONS FOR IT! Hubby says it's like I'm a flower the way I need the sun, and that while it is away, I get all closed up. But when it shines, I blossom! When he says things like this it makes me smile...
  5. All things pretty and shiny. Need I say more?
  6. Organizing! Nothing gives me the same thrill as when I get to make sense of a messy madness! My Grandma Marlene is the organizing queen. "Everything has a place and like things go together."-From her lips this weekend. But organizing is not just for stuff... it also has to do with color and the way I put together my outfits. I go so far as to match my "underwear" with my outfits, and when I drink from a mug, it must match what I'm wearing {heaven forbid some one see me with a non-matching mug!}. Grandma even matched the paper plates, napkins and cups, just for our pizza! She's amazing!
  7. Being outside... here I am free. Alive and filled with the air that my lungs were designed to know. Creation is a magical masterpiece. I am closer to God when surrounded by His nature.
  8. Coffee Shops/Time alone. {I am at one now} It is my time to think, day dream, people watch, write/journal... I thrive off of 'me time'. I took a 'test' thingy once and I was right in between introvert and extrovert. Like right in the middle. That's exactly where I'd put myself if I were to tell you. I like to have 'me time', but I also like being around people. Which takes me into #9.
  9. Hosting Parties. Spending time with dear friends is so wonderful. And I love welcoming them into my home with food, entertainment and good times. Most nights Hubby and I have somebody over.
  10. Music. It's so mysterious!! The way it speaks to our souls and creates emotion. Thinking about it, I think I prefer calming music. Calming, with a little bit of pleasant and dreamy melodies... {I am such a dreamer- I music carries me into many a dream}
So, there you have a little bit of what makes me a Happy Wife. And Hubby makes me happy too! But that's a given {most of the time} :) 

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Emily said...

Agreed! Love them all, especially the girlfriends, coffee shops/alone time and hosting parties! I would put myself right in between introvert and extrovert too. :) Thank you for the sweet comment on my post a few days ago! And thank you for following... and now, I'm following you too! xo