Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Boob Tube

Hubby and I watch SURVIVOR.
And let me tell you, we are hooked.
A year ago we happened to turn the t.v. on 
right as the season Heros vs. Villains started.
Hubby immediately chose to cheer for the villains, 
which meant I would cheer for the heros...
By the end of that first opening show, 
we were filled with excitement and energy, even to the point of
standing on the couch with arms in the air,
and shouting at 'our team' to run faster, and play harder!!! 
{as if the contestants could hear us!}
That is were it all began.
Last season {Young vs. Old}, my brother Andrew came over and joined us each week.
The finale was amazing!!! All three of us were yelling so loud! I'm sure our neighbors were worried! 
And now tonight, it begins again!!!
Maybe I'll surprise the boys and make something fun for dinner to go along with the show!

You might think this is all silly, 
but for me, it's like the best sporting event EVER! 
This is no ordinary t.v. show folks!

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