Saturday, February 12, 2011

Candles, Cuddles and Chocolate {Hot Chocolate that is}

Today is a day for pajamas, candles, yesterdays make-up, a little bit of blogging, a movie & cuddling on the couch with Hubby...

I'm in such a cozy mood! Though not feeling 100% after staying up all night {my body is not too happy with me, and yet my spirit is filled with life} I slept for 4 hours when I got home this morning, and plan on going to bed a little early tonight.
Hubby and I are going to the beach tomorrow to celebrate Valentines Day. {Whoever put it on a Monday is silly. We will pretend it's tomorrow. Not like it really matters, in my humble opinion, everyday should be a day to celebrate love!}

Today I want to share with you my fridge! Yes, my refrigerator! Well, actually just the freezer door...
This is where I stick little things that are important to me. I look at it often and am reminded of how much joy there is in my life.

Love this quote!
Sometimes I feel like I could be twice my age with all that I've been through,
and other times half my age ;)
Most important to me, is living life to the fullest!
I will LIVE my life. 

I bought this when Hubby and I were engaged. 
It is the greatest joy of my life. 
Being a wife, and learning the happiness that lies within this title.

Loved Ones!
My sweet Echo and her Hubby Andy + their little lady Alomae.
Handsome Hubby and I.
My pretty Seester Ashley and I.
And my bestest friend Dani Hamily and I.

Sanity! I am always forgetting things at the grocery store!
Praise God for -KnockKnock- and their products.

There you have it! This is me, on a freezer door. Okay, maybe not all of me, but a lot of what matters to me.  I love you friends who read this. Even if you haven't made it on my fridge. Hubby is worried it will get cluttered if I put much more on it... He might be right, but I do point out how organized it is at least ;)

Someday I would like to see these at the bottom of my fridge:

"Someday", right Hubby? ;)

Happy Wife

alphabet magnets found here

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echo said...

come over and we can make the alphabet magnets... I have some made, but can improve mine!