Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game Night

Last night was game night, and...
Happy Wife & Hubby made it into Telephone Pictionary!

Last night was so much fun! Thank you Jeff and Tressa for the laughs and love! Hubby and I were saying on the way home that there aren't many people we could stay out with till after 1am without being a bit grumpy. But we really truly enjoyed ourselves. {Though Hubby does not like the game 'aggravation'.... Gosh, he was so funny about it! Super serious and NOT into it!} I can't wait for the next game night!

Here's a pic of Hubby and I right before we left last night.
I thought I'd post the "oops" photo where it looks like he's eating my hair!
We're normal... and are not models.

This weekend is another busy one. Having Mama in town, game night, breakfast with a friend this morning, shopping with Mama and Seester, a going away party tonight, and church tomorrow + more fun!... We're young and living life to the fullest!

Happy Wife

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echo said...

i love this game! You guys should come over so we can play! (well we'll prob need more peeps to to make it fun!) glad you had a good time!
Miss you!