Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glorious Day!

This is what many of my Wednesdays look like... they are peaceful days {which I know times like these won't be mine forever! meaning SOMEDAY, when children/a child lives in my home ;) there will be less down time. I will cherish these moments!!!}
Currently I work 4 days a week {Mon.Tues.Thur.Frid.} & It is such a blessing to have a day off in the middle of it all {I still need to tell you about my job! p.s. I love it!}
Today, I've been able to start getting my "Home Management Binder" put together. And already I am breathing a bit easier.

Here is my binder:

And these are the categories within this binder

Calendar{I SPELT IT WRONG!... need to fix that} & House Keeping lists
Meal Planning and To Do lists: we need to eat and I need to get things done
Finances/Budgetting: to spend, or not to spend
My Library: for books I'm reading and to keep track of who borrows what
and To Craft: what to make and how, for myself and friends

Remember when I told you about my little red book {look here}, well, that's it in the pictures up there.
It serves me well!
and this is what is on the first page:

Jeremiah 29:11
Jesus Christ is who shapes my life.
Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Health are His
and I will do my best to take care of these things within myself.

thanks again Toni at
A Bowl Full of Lemons
for helping me get a little more organized.

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Emily said...

As I sit here with 10 projects going on at once at my very messy desk, I am quite jealous of your binder!!! It's fantastic! I have manilla folders dedicated to "projects" and "crafts" and "ideas for the house"...perhaps it is time to centralize and bring all folders together into a pretty binder! Thanks for the inspiration! xo