Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Morning

Do you see the sunlight?! There, on my pillows and quilt?!
The sunlight is pouring though all of my windows 
and I have a feeling that today will be one to remember!

Wednesdays are my day off but I still stay busy with different things and am up by 7:00.
First thing is to make Hubby his lunch and dinner. I do this 4 days a week. 2 of the days I only do lunch and snacks but on the other 2 days, he is gone for 12 hours! And my Hubby needs to eat!
He has not asked me to make him his lunch or dinner... 
He is fully capable of sandwich making and grabbing a piece of fruit or two and a snack...
But since this last summer, I've done it. 
I figure, it's a way to start my day by showing that I love him.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!
ps I think I'll write again later today... there are a couple more things I want to share. 


1 comment:

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Just found your cute blog! I love your little living room set-up. Quilts and trunks are some of my favorite things:-)

P.S. I make my hubby's lunch too! I think it's sweet. xoxo