Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Weekend Past & Happy Week Starting

Argh! I'm bummed that I didn't take pictures this weekend! I was out of town road tripping with a dear friend and visiting with family and it was such a wonderful trip!
Tonight I have a large list of things to do and don't have much time to tell you all about the joys that Friday, Saturday and Sunday each had in store for me... therefore this is where I wish that I had taken more pictures! Then I could just give brief descriptions of each one.
I'll post old pictures just to give you a little glimps of the people that I love and got to make new memories with over the last couple days!

This is my lovely friend Loni who I road tripped with! 
We spent 8 hours in the car together without any music... just a lot of chatting 
and laughing and encouraging!

This is my B-E-A-UTIFUL mama! 
I stayed with her this weekend and I'm sure that you can tell by just looking at her,
but she is the most amazing woman ever!

I spent some much needed girl time {antiquing and eating}
 on saturday with my cousins Alyssa & Kendra and then afterwards we went to their brothers
basketball game and then to their parents place for some more good times.
Almost all of mamas sibling were there with their children and husbands.
{Hands down, spending time with them all is one of my favorite things!- missed you Aunt Linda!}

check out the old family photo! top left to right,
Uncle Steve, Aunt Linda, Aunt Sharon,
bottom left to right, Aunt Deanne and my Mama

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