Friday, February 25, 2011


I love my hubby! And he loves me!
{He has a mustache in this picture. Can you tell? Such a man ;) Can you also tell that we're laughing, so our kissing picture turned out a little funny... we like to laugh often together!}

Mama's in town this weekend!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!!!!!! {proclaimed with arms raised to the heavens}
Tonight all of us {Mama, me and my Hubby, seester and her Hubby, and my brother} are going over to our friends Jeff and Tressa's place for game night! 
I am looking forward to 7:30 when it will all begin!
There is much fun to be had and this will be Hubby's first time playing with all of us crazy competitive loonies, but I have a very strong feeling that he will fit right in!

Welp... that's all from me for now. 
The sun is shining brightly despite the forecast, and I am happy happy happy about that!


Brian said...

ummmm I guess I just found out you have this amazing blog! Man, if you don't follow facebook any more. You actually get to hear awesome news via some other way! I want to follow you! Your blog that is. You write, beauty.

Happy Wife said...

thanks Brian!

Jamie Walker said...

Laugh kisses are the best kind!