Sunday, February 20, 2011

Joyful Days

Remember last week when I posted this pic,
of the pretty duvet cover from West Elm?

Well... Yesterday Hubby said we could get it!!!!
This is me right now, blogging while bundled up in its warmth!

One of these days I'll post some more photos of my lovely new bed spread.
And I might do a little apartment tour too...
We'll see.

Tonight I am thankful not only for my new golden covers, but also for this weekend. Hubby and I are growing closer, and in doing so, we are discovering, even more, how special it is that God has placed us together. The desires of our hearts line up, and we are blessed to know that in being a team, we get to help each others dreams come true. We want to love one-another fully, humbly and passionately. And we want to be the best that we can for the other.
He wants me to pursue what makes me happy and what fills me.
I want the same for him.
And when we are both strong within ourselves and confident in who we are, we are then better able to love each other.
Ultimately, it is God who shapes us into being loving and caring and gentle...
But He has created us each unique with different passions and gifts that were meant to be enjoyed and discovered.
When we are thriving as the little image bearer of God Himself, is it not then that we can reflect the most of Him to those around us?!

This all takes me back to conversations I've had with people about how we need to be less of ourselves and more like Jesus, or even if you don't believe in Jesus, that you need to empty yourself of wants and desires to live a more peaceful and simple life...
God made us with our likes and dislikes and for the most part, I'd tell you all to chase after the things you like, and don't worry too much about the other stuff. Basically, BE YOU! THRIVE! AS YOU!
I believe with all of my heart and know from experience that there is so much joy and beauty from being who God made you to be. Don't let go of that.

Hubby helps me to live out who God designed me to be, and I get so much joy from allowing him the space to do the same. We are becoming more whole... I am glad that God created marriage.

Anyway, Hubby's about to come snuggle with me. We haven't seen the new Karate Kid yet and we plan on watching it from beneath our newest purchase :) Who knows if we'll watch the whole thing, we've heard some poor reviews... but still, sometimes the cheesy movies are the fun ones to see.

Hope you all have had a good weekend!
Happy Wife


Happy Wife said...

Just so you all know... We turned that movie off after about 15 minutes :) It was a little too much cheese for our taste.

{whenpenmeetspaper} said...

Haha! Guess that was a real cheesy movie huh?

Reading your post about being aligned in marriage under the covenant of God comforts me. Where did you meet your hubster?


Happy Wife said...

Makes me happy to know that it comforts you. I actually met my Hubby at church. Apparently, we'd had the same friends for years, but somehow never knew each other... It's a funny story and I'll share it soon!
thanks for stopping by


How dare you insult Karate Kid

Happy Wife said...

love you brother!