Sunday, February 13, 2011

on my mind...

Lovely Day! 

Hubby and I drove out to Cannon Beach this morning and had such a relaxing time.
We wandered in and out of the little shops in town,
had some yummy lunch at a friendly cafe,
and admired the ocean through the misty air.
We really didn't stay long, and that was fine for both of us...
It was just good to do something different. 
To breath the salty air and drive those windy roads, 
while sharing our hearts and learning more about who it is that we've married. 

Valentines Day is great... 
But part of me doesn't get it...
Shouldn't every day be a day to shower your loved ones with gifts and sweet words?
Just a thought.

Hubby and I have spent some quality time together. 
And I will remember this day as a great one! Just like every other day with him!

-tonight now I will share a few things with you-
what's playing in my ears, 
the things on my mind, 
and the people on my heart.

Listening to this cd, it's pretty & magical...

Travel and writing are both passions of mine therefor this pillow is very cool in my opinion

Do you remember paper dolls!? I used to make my own... anyone else do that?

Would love to own this skirt

Hubby and I are thinking about purchasing this lovely duvet cover

Meet Ben, Jack & William!
 They have been a great source of joy in my life!
and I will be spending time with them in the near future!! I can't wait!

Dear Sisters!
Brooke, my sister in law
Ashley, my sister
Dani, my bff
They are so wonderful!!

this picture was my pretending to be a "sassy bride"
and the girls were not going to have that!
in actual fact, I was told that I was "the most relaxed bride ever"!
My wedding day was a fun one!
{little secret- us girls were playing Scrabble before we were called to walk down the aisle}

there you have it
Goodnight friends,
I will see you tomorrow!

Happy Wife


Victoria Wester said...

Are these the little boys that you used to Nanny for?? The ones at your wedding??

Unknown said...

I just found your blog by reading my daughter's blog, The Green Dandelion. (I'm the mom of the mother/daughter floral team). I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. By the way, I sure do remember making my own paper dolls and so many of their clothes. What fun (way)back then.

AmberDawn said...

They are Victoria! Such handsome little men! And thanks for stopping by Josephine! You and Sarah do such a great job with flowers! I will send many a lady your way :)