Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Piece of my Story - Connecting the Dots

This is a picture of my family and I in Cameroon, Africa.
{Note -this is at church...A lot different from the ones we see in the States.}
{Notice the roof, dirt floors and lack of walls.}
from left to right,
Dad, Me, Andrew, Mama, Ashley, & a random old lady.

And this, was my first journal entry upon arriving to our village. 
{in Senegal, Africa}

I have 4 or 5 notebook style journals from my time in Kabrousse, and I am so thrilled and blessed that 10 year old me loved to write! 
The 26 year old me is thankful for the fact that I can read {from a unique perspective} so many of the experiences I had while there.

The life I grew up living, has fueled the flames that leap within my heart today.
Dreams of adventure, exploring the new, and approaching it all with joy and excitement, were what flooded my mind then, and it still remains to be the same.

It's fun to connect the dots between what you've lived, and how it's brought you into the now.
For me, personally, this is something I do often.
I am always wondering how I turned out to be the way that I am. 
And in turn always realizing that God has this amazing & brilliant master plan. I love that every time I look back over it all, I see how the little details become the large pieces of what unfold to produce so much beauty and joy.

Forgive me for being somewhat vague. Honestly, there are so so so many things I'd love to share with you. But I have lived too much to put it all into one post :)
Today, my story is simply that I have lived such a joyful, trial and error filled life and all of it, not a single second of it, has gone to waste! 
The stupid things I've said and done, 
the sad things I've felt, and the wounds that I have known, 
have all been a part of shaping me into the Happy Women that I am now, sitting in my cozy living room, sipping tea and exited about the sun pouring through my kitchen window as it melts away the snow outside.

Not a day goes by where I wish something from my past were different. 
I love the life that I am living, and love the me I am, and the me I am becoming. 
Thanks to all of you that I know, for being a part of my journey. You all matter a great deal to me! Even if it was years ago that we walked side by side, or even if we were only in each others lives for a short while. I am grateful for your presence.
And thanks too, to all of my readers who leave little comments that warm my heart and encourage me to write more. Thank you!

and thanks Holly at decor8 for sharing your special story!


Angela said...

This is the picture of you that I remember...little ten year old Amber. Little did I know when I used to read your update letters and visit with you on furlough that one day I would end up in Africa and it would steal my heart. Or that now that we are 26 years old we would have so much in common. Can't wait to see you face to face again and talk about the adventures of life..where they have taken us and where they might take us... :)

Happy Wife said...

I can't wait either Angela! Soon!