Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprise Date with Hubby!

I am so so so proud of my Hubby!
Today he was offered a job, completely out of the blue, and I have decided to take him out to sushi tonight to celebrate! {he will now be working on Fridays, which were his days off from school and the externship he's doing... Such a hard working man! Seriously! I AM SO PROUD!}
Any way, he's on his way home, and when he gets here, I will smother him with hugs and kisses and tell him what I have planned.
{ I seriously can't stop smiling, I absolutely admire my Love and the fact that people can see his talent and abilities! He shines! Who wouldn't want him working for them!?}

To all you single ladies out there, never settle! There are some really amazing guys in the world! I promise!
Happy Wife

And a CONGRATS to my cousin Alyssa who welcomed her new baby boy Jett into the world today!

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