Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was born in 1984.
Isn't this photo awesome?!
That couch! The Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow, the carpet and Pampers box...
This was always one of my favorite pictures of me growing up.
Playing in a box is so much fun, right?!

I'm not gonna lie, I really like the colors in this pic.
Not so much the print on the couch :) 
but all the warm hues of goldenrod, oranges and browns...
Here are a few things that have caught my eye in those shades.

I LOVE this jacket! Just look at it!

My grandma has passed down some of her 'vintage' scarves to me.
I feel so special!
Just found this one on-line and am diggin' it.

You already know I own these warm looking covers!
Still need to do a 'home tour' or something...
{Even for the later me to look back and see what my life was like at 26}

I am terribly attracted to this chair!
But NOT for $2,498.00

okay... this has nothing to do with the color scheme I'm lovin'
but while I'm sharing,
I thought why not throw this in there?
A Personal Library Kit would be so so so handy!
I never know who has my books...

... what colors are you loving lately?...

What I've got planned for today:
Shower {it's almost 12!}
Fold laundry {it is waiting, ever so patiently, on my bed}
I think Tabitha and I are getting together to write and maybe do a little thrifting {should be happy times}
Hubby and I are gonna watch Unstoppable later on {we LOVE having Netlix}
Packing {tomorrow we leave for SunRiver! I'll be home Thursday night after bike rides, tubing, Cool Runnings, scavenger hunts, bowling, pizza and the Word! this should be fun!}

I'm off! Love you all!


Claire said...

Love thise colours... I like a variety of colours..I used to wear a lot of black but I was looking for a black top the other day and I found I didn;t own one!!

Happy Wife said...

ha! that's funny Claire. For me colors totally affect the mood I'm in. So some days it'll be yellow's and turquoise, other days pink and grey... Am I feeling cozy, playful, excited... so my home is filled with many colors :) And so is my wardrobe.

iheartkiwi said...

LOVE the jacket and that duvet cover!

I always love yellow and grey :)