Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

I must say, I am very happy with my most recent VS purchase.
what I'm loving...

This stuff is so cool! Just mist it on, if you need to, rub it around a little, and voila! 
You've got a nice new tan!
Normally I use Bare Minerals 'Warmth', but when I ran out,
I thought I'd try a new bronzer.
And I'm SO glad I did! The shade of this is perfect! A lovely light brown...
exactly what my skin has been missing.
And lastly, see that top golden color?
That's the first eye shadow I've ever owned!
Sparkly, sunny glow!

Thank you Victorias Secret.

Tonight Hubby and I went on a sushi dinner date and then a little retail therapy... bought him a couple new dress shirts and ties. And bought me some snow gloves, a beanie and a new winter coat. All for $60! {we're going on the youth group Spring Break trip and will be playing in the snow! I haven't spent much time on the slopes, so I needed some gear.} and that $60 is for my purchase. Hubbies was a little more :)

Today I am grateful for God's strength! Whatever I am going through, He is always there to pick me up.


Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures on your blog. They look so...energising :-)

Erin said...

Definitely going to have to invest in some of these products! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Wife said...

Thanks 'merrymusing' for those sweet words.
And Erin, you totally should! I feel like a new woman! lol

Lula said...

Okay I absolutely need all this bronzing biznaz!!

Happy Wife said...

have fun gettin' your tan on Lula!