Friday, March 18, 2011

I little bit of everything...

My Spring break has begun! Woot!! I will be taking it easy, making the most of this time with Hubby as we both have this week off, going to SunRiver from Mon.-Thurs. with 'Revival City'/Junior High Church Group {Hubby and I both work with them each Thursday night}. and spending a few extra moments doing the things I love.
I have been learning the importance of that lately... and I must say, I am so so so happy for pursuing those things! Like writing, {I'll say a quick blurb about that here... Within this blog I will not be attempting to rephrase and rewrite and over think these posts. I need a place to just vent sometimes. To write, without style and word vomit, which is not meant to look put together... Writing is a passion of mine, but it's something that takes time and imagery for me. This will not be were I make that happen. Maybe sometimes, but for the most part, this will be me, just talking.} I've also been spending more time focusing on relationships. Which I LOVE! Each person reflects God is some sort of way. And I like seeing Him in these amazing ladies that I share life with...

Echo and her Hubby Andy
She has such a unique beauty. Echo is a fantastic mother and loving wife. 
I think the world of her!

Echo's 2 year old daughter.
She gives me hugs, kisses and ugga mugga's. 
I Wuh You!

Daisy and Dani
Daisy brings so much joy to my life! SO MUCH!
Dani and I have spent years of adventures together... 
she will be my future children's GodMother.

Loni... a.k.a. my twin.
She's the best! most faithful, considerate and giving woman I know.

Beautiful Tabitha!
She radiates pure woman!!
Hottest and sweetest friend ;)
also my writing companion.

Pretty Seester, Ashley & I
Don't mind all this cheese! We smile big and silly often!
{this was the day she got engaged! both of us married in the same year!}
She is a woman after God's own heart. 
She sings like and angel and is such an amazing wife!

My Mama! 
She is my hero, a friend to all, an encourager,
a woman of wisdom and truth! There is not a soul like hers!

I am so blessed by these ladies! They make me who I am and each of them has such a special place in my heart...

Tonight, a group of us are going to a friends birthday party! We will be line dancing and dining together! Sounds fun huh? I'm excited!

LOL!!! I'm sitting at a table near the window in Starbucks and a man just passed by and smiled very deliberately at me with such a dumb and dorky grin it totally threw me off! It wasn't a nice smile... it was more like, "let's see what type of reaction I can get out of this girl" kind of smile! SO awkward! 

If I could do anything right now... 
I'd be sitting in a place like this:

It'd be warm.
I'd have a book,
a pen and some paper,
grandmas quilt...
That's all.
Prayers, thoughts, bees and leaves might fly past...
But for the most part, I just want to be surrounded by Gods creation in a blanket of sunshine.

I have had many a moment like that in my life... and it's moments like those that have brought me close to the Lord. He is real. And it is only He who can make all things right and pure. He is pure. 

This year is new in many ways for me... and I'm excited to see where it takes me. I feel like I am coming alive... there have been different seasons of this throughout the years... coming alive to new joys, new truths, new purpose... sometimes life feels like it's at a funny stand still, but right now, I'm floating... just hovering over the weights of life, and at peace with my days. It's nice to be here. Really nice.

Happy Friday friends! 
Happy Wife 


Erin said...

Great post =)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, enjoy the vacay time, so great you've got a whole week of it! i love Echo's & Alomae's names, so unusual and pretty. i'd say all these great peeps have got it going on and thanks for sharing your friends, fams today. loved this post. your mom is a beauty! you are some kind of writer. ♥

Angela said...

Love the stream of consciousness in your posts :) You are a unique woman I can tell. I spent the morning with your mama. It was lovely! She truly is one of kind :)

Happy Wife said...

I'm so glad you ladies are here, thanks for listening/reading, and I pray you all are enjoying such a fantastic weekend.

bebe bird beck said...

Such a beautiful post. I love all of the amazing women in my life too. :]

That picture of your mom, so beautiful!