Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inside my thoughts

I am here, sitting at the ever popular Starbucks, 
holding a notebook filled with names and plots. 
A white MacBook sits on this lap of mine,
while the sound of rain fills my heart with excitement.
{I like the rain when it pours!}
Ladies chat, men flirt, babies whine... this is not a quiet place.
But somehow it doesn't matter.
I drown out their noise, jump inside my thoughts, and ponder what's to come for "Jack".
Sunday is here, and Tabitha and I are meeting again.

Most weekends, my internal clock goes off around 8am. It doesn't matter what time I go to sleep, I'll always wake up close to 8. Rather than going back to sleep, {Hubby likes his sleep and will normally stay in bed till 10} I get up, wash my face, make some coffee, open the blinds allowing the sun to shine through the windows and hunker down in my favorite chair. I thrive off of these moments.
Where the world stands still, and all is at rest.
Starting tomorrow, before my morning routine of preparing for work, I want to make time to do this.
It means getting up, even an hour earlier{around 5am}, making coffee, opening up my Bible and silencing my heart before the day begins. Intimacy with my Maker... there is no better way to prepare for the hours ahead. Mornings are where your first thoughts form which then, decide your first movements and your first conversations... 
Do you begin the day unhappy, in a hurry, feeling self conscious or fearful?
How does that then affect the next thing we do?
These are questions I ask myself...
I want to be at peace, filled with a calm strength, bold and joyful.
With out the life of Christ, I'd be miserable. These are not things I can muster up within myself apart from Him. It won't work... Sure, you can make it your aim to be happy, but we all know that eventually your happy fuel runs out. But His doesn't. I need Him. I spend time with him throughout my day, but I need to get back in the habit of starting my day with Him and Him alone{not just while putting my makeup on, or eating breakfast and getting dressed} Just like any relationship, I need to stop, sit down and listen, focus, appreciate and show my desire for Him, while I set my agenda aside. He is my priority. And I am His. This week will be a new week... filled with a strength and peace beyond my own abilities. Praise God for sending us His Son, His Spirit. We have an ever present Helper! 

Love you all,
Happy Wife


echo said...

i love you!

Jess said...

I love this post! That is a awesome way to start your day, I would love to start my day like that, I need to try and improve in regards to mornings, me totally not a morning person, my flat mate calls me a zombie, i'm kinda on auto pilot of a morning.

{whenpenmeetspaper} said...

You look awesome in the ppicture!

And you're right on "eventually, your happy fuel runs out".


Happy Wife said...

Echo: Love you!
Jess: Mornings are tough... lol my sister and best friend were such Zombies in the morning :) it's always funny to witness. It's almost like they were a different person.
Pen&Paper: thanks!


Jac said...

that was probably the sweetest, most flattering comment anyone has ever left on my blog. thank you! and judging by this, it looks like you found your voice ;)