Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's only just beginning...

"Thank You Lord for today!" 
Church this morning was good. Hubby and I sat with his parents and were blessed but God's words of wisdom and truth concerning marriage. How our Creator made marriage to be a beautiful life long commitment... {the message was about divorce, you can go here --> Solid Rock teachings <-- to check out the message from this week if you'd like, though I don't think it's up yet}. Marriage is special. And when things get tough, remember, "What is impossible to man is possible with God."
After church Hubby went out to brunch with his folks while I went home and then headed down town to meet my sweet friend Tabitha. Tabitha was my first roommate! {not including school roommates}. We had our very first apartment in Multnomah Village. $600 rent, a cute little grassy lawn and happy neighbors and community surrounding us. It was wonderful! We lived together, worked together and went to church together. And we always got along. She is a sister, a bosom friend, and our hearts beat similarly. It's magical... anyway, so we met up for lunch and then headed to Powell's! {I am SOOO glad to live in the same city as the biggest bookstore in the world!} Books and books and books! Love it!

We spent time looking through children's books, admiring the illustrations on the pages and sharing which ones we liked best. Then we walked over to Pete's Coffee where we sat down and started brainstorming ideas for a story we are beginning to write together. {AH, I'm super excited about it!}
After a couple hours of exploring the realms of our imaginations, Tabitha had to leave for church. I'd taken the MAX down town, and thought about possibly staying down there for a bit longer and finding something else to do. Maybe shop, sit and read for a bit... I called Dani, {my bff} who happened to be right around the corner from me at Whole Foods! How perfect! I walked over to where she was, and eventually we made plans to see a movie. { We saw Unkown. It was good, surprising and held our attention the entire time. Enjoyable through and through. }

Before the movie, we went over to her salon and she trimmed off all my yucky split ends. "Thank you Dani! You are such a fantastic hair dresser."... My hair is happy.
It's 11pm now, I am home in bed, and Hubby is watching Freakonomics next to me. Both of us on our laptops like the geeks we can be, but still reaching out and loving on each other from time to time. {He's always so sweet and rubs/scratches my back each night! I pray there's not a day go by that I don't praise God for him. I couldn't ask for a better Hubby!}
Tomorrow I will leave for work refreshed, encouraged and with a smile on my face. This life is good... especially because God is near! 
My life is only just beginning and my heart is overwhelmed by the never ending possibilities before me!

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog.. It makes me smile! Your so darn cute in case you don't all ready know.... Tressa