Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me Time

Today is mine! {I sound really selfish, huh...}
But honestly, truly, if I don't make time for myself, then I will fall apart!
So, on this day of March 2nd, 2011, 
I am spending time doing things I WANT to do!
Like, watching The Bachelor {I'm embarrassed! I do watch this show...}
Also, I will go to the gym! Work my booty like it needs 
and Zumba like there's no tomorrow!

This is me right now... on my bed with MacBook before me
Currently, I am rocking "the poof" which Hubby had disliked from day one... 
It's easy and quick though! Especially when trying to grow your bangs out.
Oh Oh! And this scarf is my FAVORITE! It was my Grandma Marlene's.

See the little flower there? It's an earring that I use to bring the ends together 
rather than tying them. I think it looks kinda cute... just saying.
{my poor fingers are purple/blue! it's cold out!}

... These last couple weeks have been sooo busy! And as much as I'm glad to spend loads of time with friends and family, I love it when Hubby and I get to spend hours and hours and hours together {I repeat things 3x's a lot, huh?} Today he is home studying. And Wednesdays as you know are my day off. Even though we're not talking, maybe a little...{due to him studying}, I just like being in the same place as him. He's kinda great... Just kinda ;)

Anywho, I'm gonna get back to my cool tv show... I'm totally team Emily!

And I'm still totally embarrassed that I watch this!
But I will hold my head high and say that it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Hence the reason why I'm hooked. 

That's all for now...

Hubby and I were trying to figure out what means what?
the x's and o's. 
Which one is a hug and which one is a kiss? Any of you know?
I always thought that the x's were kisses and the o's were hugs, but he thinks it's the opposite... real problem right? ;)


Jamie Walker said...

Girl everyone needs a day to themselves! You do whatever the heck you want to!

Happy Wife said...

lol thanks Jamie!

Sarah said...

ian LOVES the poof on me, but it's so hit and miss whenever i try to do it so i don't wear it much : )
and i totally used to be obsessed with the bachelor, but i haven't gotten into it this season, so don't feel embarrassed!
oh, and i think x is kisses and o is hugs! that's just my vote but you could google it!

Happy Wife said...

thanks for the encouragement sarah :)
google said people have differing opinions... so I guess it's up to us to choice.

echo said...

Doesn't the saying go Hugs & Kisses?! xoxoxo So X is Hugs (see the arms crossing) and O is kisses (see the open mouth) :) thats my take at least!

Angela said...

My thoughts on your thoughts: 1) i love the poof. Now if only i could get my hair to do it. 2) Love the earring idea to keep the cute scarf together 3) I am totally embarrassed to admit that I got hooked on the bachelor too, after years of discing it 4) ZUMBA rocks and I miss it since I have been sick! 5) I'm with you-I think the x's are kisses and the O's are hugs. It only makes sense :)

lilacbasket said...

I think it's the xxx's - hugs & the ooo's - kisses!! IMHO
I watched Bachelor too!!hehe missed some of them tho :((

have a nice week my dear friend!!