Thursday, March 10, 2011

Memories & Jurassic Park

Remember this movie?! Of course you do! How could you forget?
It was epic!
Well, I have two great memories that are linked to this movie, and I figured, why not share...

First one:
When I was 7, my mom took me to see this in the theaters! {GASP! Right?} How cool is she?! Or rather, how cool am I that I have such a cool mom?!
Dinosaurs were extinct. That was that. And adventure was pretty much what our family was all about,
so why not go see a scary movie like this with your little girl? It'd be fun.
Seriously guys, I laughed through out the entire movie {folks around me were staring while I bounced around on cloud 9!} I have never forgotten about that date night with my Mama. It was awesome!!! {Love you Mama! You're the best!}

This leads into the second great memory with this movie:
During the summers here in P-town, we have something called "Flick on Bricks", were they play movies out doors and you can bring your chairs and pillows and cozy up to a movie as the sun goes down with a bunch of other people... This summer they were playing.... Jurassic Park! Woot! I was so excited! I got a group of friends together and we made plans to meet up and watch it at 'The Square'.
Well, before the movie, Hubby, then "boyfriend", picked me up and took me on a special 'secret date'. { a secret date is when he makes all of the plans for it without me. Normally I think up what we'll do on a date;) } The date went as follows, we drove out to American Dream Pizza for dinner, and went over to the park where we had our first 'date'. For a while we sat on the bench eating, laughing and chatting, like any normal, casual, fun date with the man of my dreams, and then when we were finished with our pizza, we sat on the swings and swung side by side. After a couple minutes, he pointed out something to my left and I looked, while he pulled the prettiest ring out of his pocket and when I turned around... he asked me to marry him!!!!
Of course I said... "Really?!" lol... It took me a while to register what was happening. But I did say "YES" eventually ;)
And from there we went to tell our supportive group of friends and watch Jurassic Park together, as an engaged couple!
{I wrote the word "date"so many times in that story!}

One of these days I'll have to share "Our Story" for y'all.
We've been together for almost 4 blissful years ;) With Hubby in my life, it's a thousand times better! I will love him till the day I die!

Happy Wife


Jamie Walker said...

Your Mom is pretty much awesome for taking you to see this. Mom dates are the best! I always laugh my head off at this part!

Claire said...

ive never seen this movie all the way through :O

Happy Wife said...

Jamie, so do I! I remember watching it for the first time and it was so intense! Then the toilet scene and HA! I laughed so hard... Claire, you should watch this movie. It really was good, but I would encourage you not to bother with the rest of the Jurassic Park movies. They should have stopped after this one. Also, thanks for following Claire!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i watched this in the theaters when i was 6 and felt so grown up! i still love this movie.