Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not every moment is a happy moment.

Aren't we cute?!

If you thought to yourself, "They are SO darn cute!" Thank you.
But to be honest with you... we are not always so cute.

Sometimes I am sad, & he is confused as to why I'd be sad, which then frustrates him...
Sometimes he is tired, while I am in the mood to party! Which throws both of us off, as it's not always easy finding a compromise.
Connecting makes my heart happy.
But when connecting doesn't happen, then I have to be okay with it.
We will not see eye to eye and feel, or think the same on absolutely everything! DUH! right??
I get that. 
Still though... there are some days where I don't know how to be happy and on a different page then Hubby.

I have a hunch that over time, this won't be so weird for me. 
We are two different people living one life. And though we do SO much together, we are still two different people. We will never be the same. {And I'm glad we're not the same} 
Okay, I'm beginning to see the light :) 
Feeling a little less saddened by yesterdays moments of disconnect, and ready to face today with my favorite rosy colored lenses.

Ignore my silly expressions in most of those photos above.
But I love this face of Hubby's. 
He's still in bed sleeping...I've been awake for a while...
Curled up out in the living room and enjoying these moments of peace, and the music of rain outside on the pavement, while my fingers type away.

I'm good now...
Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I defiantly did think "awe how cute" the moment I saw these photos. In reality, I think it’s the refining of imperfections that make a couple so great. It’s the couples I see that are raw, honest, real people that are the cutest to me. I admire your thoughts. ;) (have you ever read the book "love & respect"? it’s an awesome marriage book)

Happy Wife said...

Thanks Alicia. Love and Respect is wonderful! maybe I should read it again ;) My favorite part about our "struggles" is that we've never not talked about them or worked through them. Both of us do our best at allowing God to work His magic in our lives. Ah refining! I want to be honest about where I'm at... Thanks again.

Jamie Walker said...

I always wake up before my husband to write.... sometimes first thing in the morning when life hasn't started yet is the best time to think!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

so cute! and i know where you're coming from but isn't blogging the best to vent it out and from there comes a bit of clarity. the boyf and i have had many a time - not feelin' the feelings but from moment to moment it changes, thank goodness. we're supposed to bring stuff out of each other so that way we face our truths head on and learn to deal. it's a good thing!

thanks so much for visiting me lades. i was paging through your world and saw you are total "team emily"!!!!! wasn't last night just a scream-fest with the proposal and then the aftershow sorta awkward stuff. poor em, i adore her and like i've told Sean, she's my girl crush so that boy better treat her well. haha, love it. ♥