Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One of Each

I found these pillows today at The Bearded Pigeon Etsy shop and I LOVE them!
They're priced a little too high for Hubby and I's current income,
but eventually, it'd be so fun to have one of each.
Travel is a passion of mine.
And I have had the privilege of living around the world!

Oregon {the place I always come back to}

North America {I've lived in a few other states}

Africa {Senegal, Cameroon and Zambia}

Australia {MossVale, NSW}

Belgium, Europe

The World
{I still have a couple continents I've never been too!}

While living on each of those continents, 
I was also able to do much traveling in the surrounding countries!
... just typing all this is causing my heart to race as dreams of someday travels creep in!
Depending on when the Good Lord returns, or takes me home,
from where I stand at the age of 26, there are many years of adventure ahead!

Check out this Etsy shop for more pillows:
-->  thebeardedpigeon  <--


Brittany-Trends250 said...

these pillows are so cool! I wonder if you could make your own if you found fabric that just happened to have maps on them? haha, i'll be on the lookout for this type of fabric and let you know!


Happy Wife said...

Thanks Brittany!!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw them... Maybe I will. I've always wanted to try my hand at making a pillow or two :)