Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharing is Caring.

Sharing is Caring!
These pretty felt flowers are made by a lovely lady named Nicole.
I think they are so simply wonderful.
If any of you ladies out there are looking to add a unique flare to your wedding,
these would be perfect!
A big PLUS in my mind... they'll last forever!!

Love this boutonniere...

She also makes these cool wreaths!
What do you think?

check out her:

& Etsy

One of my all time favorite things in life is to spread love!
It's so easy to focus on ourselves... 
Let's work on spreading the love!
Whatever you can do this weekend to make somebody else feel special, 
For Pete's sake what could go wrong?
{anyone know who Pete is?} 

Love you all!
Happy Wife 


Cole said...

Thanks so much! Super sweet of you. And thank you thank you thank you for donating towards V's adoption. Have a blessed day! :)

Jennifer said...

These are so lovely! I love it all.

PS: you have a great blog!!!

Happy Wife said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad that you stopped by!

Candace Stevenson said...

LOVE that thank you for sharing!

Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥