Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just the two of us!

Cheesy pose!
But we're having a HAPPY DAY as Hubby and Wife.

First thing Hubby did when he woke up this morning... 
Make funfetti cake!!
He saw that I'd purchased cream cheese frosting and next thing I knew, a cake was bakin' in my oven.
To top it all off, literally, he then drew on it {with a pink frosting I have} our initials in hearts, and then a little A under them, also in a heart. I was so confused as to what the A would stand for. So he explained that is was for A-----, our little boy that we'll have someday! {this is somewhat of a joke between us. About when we start our family, if it will be a girl or boy that we have first... He obviously thinks we'll have a boy.} It was cute.

OH MY GOODNESS! We just got back from seeing the Lincoln Lawyer!!! It's so good!
Wonder what Hubby would do in that situation?
Welp, we're off to Jamba Juice and then church...

peace out homies!

Just the two of us!
Remember Will Smith? :)


wilybrunette said...

oh man. you got a good one.

and can i just say that your comments always, ALWAYS make my day?!

Jamie Walker said...

mmmm funfetti. I always make it and end up just eating the batter haha.