Friday, April 15, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?

Found these pretties at Anthropologie and thinking about adding them to my cupboard.
You see, I am a proud owner of a small mug collection...
There is a mug for every mood.
{okay, even every outfit - yes, I match my mug to the clothes I am wearing that day... is that weird?}

Do you collect anything?

Well, it's Friday folks. Mama's in town and I get to see her beautiful face tonight!
It's odd to think that the weekend is already at our doorstep once again.
But I'm not complaining... 
Weekends mean more Hubby Time,
more cozy couch/movie sessions,
more Qwirkle matches,
more time to breathe and slow down.
{remember TGIF? my fav. was always Boy Meets World.}

I need to get ready for work.
Love you all,
Happy Friday to you.
Happy Wife


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Ahhh, I so LOVE that you collect mugs! Ours are all matchy and boring and blah. I like the idea of going into the cupboard and having an array of mugs with different stories behind them. My grandma has quite the collection, though I'm not sure if the Santa Clause ones or Simpsons ones etc have actually meaning. I don't even think she knows WHAT the Simpsons are. Hahah.

I'm a pretty avid collector of, um, clothing and jewelry and so forth. Not legitimately, but maybe I can use that as justification as to why my room is inundated with so many... things. Hahah.

AND YES TGIF. This week has been so long. But short at the same time. I don't know. GLAD IT'S THE WEEKEND.

Dani Anderson said...

I collect Cat Statues ;) I miss you and drinking out of mismatched mugs with you. Tomorrow morning as I drink my coffee out of a chipped Haitian mug, I will think of you :)