Saturday, April 16, 2011

Diet Time

I am starting a diet today...
Never done this before, but I have a feeling it's going to be really good for me.
My personal story is that I don't eat enough. I couldn't be bothered. Food doesn't interest me a ton.
So, when I do, normally in the evening with Hubby {a nice, well rounded dinner} my body stores it all as fat, and because of that... a lovely extra 15 lbs or so, have been added to this little frame of mine. 
To be honest, I've been terribly bummed about it.
Being healthy is really really important to me, and it's absolutely lame that I've gained weight not even enjoying it! {meaning, I'm not eating all the crap in the world! I wouldn't do that! I'm just not eating properly... like breakfast and lunch, or anything in between... note- I do eat! Don't read me wrong here. Just not enough.}

I enjoy working out. But have realized that it's not super healthy for me to jump into some crazy workout plan to lose weight, without my body being properly fueled. So that's what I mean by starting a diet. I will be diligent to eat in the morning, and throughout the day, good and nutritious foods. 
I need to do this for myself.
It will help my mind,
my spirit and body.

For a couple months now, 
I've been complaining about how I feel. {weight wise}
And it's time to do something about it.
I've got things scheduled out concerning my food intake. 
{I work well when things are organized and structured... if it's not, I'm easily distracted and get off track} 
Too, I will be working out. Just easing it into my routine... 

Here I go! {with a smile on my face. It feels so good to be making these choices.}
Last night was SO MUCH FUN!
Mama, seester and brother came over. 
I made my special chili and we sat around eating and playing Curses.
Oh my goodness! My sis was amazing at it!
And poor Hubby was the first one out :(
Afterwards us girls went hot tubbing in the rain.
 Ah, isn't the company and conversation ladies have together so special?! 
And especially special when had with a sister and mother...

Today, I have been feisty {as my Love likes to call it}
 I think I'm just going stir crazy from all this rain and grey/gloom.
I want to run in a field and play croquet.
Take a walk and read a book beneath a tree...
Some form of an adventure outside!!
I will, soon enough.

For now, I will go to church and jump into the adventure of learning more about my Savior and the life we live together.

{you deserve a ton of those}
Happy Wife


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well girl, that's just the total poo! sorry but i don't know another word that'd fit to describe how sucky it is that any weight gain was not at least enjoyed. boo to that! but good for you on the new plan, sounds like a winner for sure.

can i ask if you've had your thyroid tested? the reason i ask is b/c i have a hypo-thyroid and have to take a pill every day to equalize it. before i was diagnosed i gained a bunch of weight for no reason, was tired all the time and cold too. lots of other symptoms but they are more girly issues and may make me blush to say ; )

anyways just a thought. and girl, i loved reading your butt analysis for me, so true!!!! thanks for the words of support, you rock. happy weekend. ♥

pea ess: love those Anthro tea cups in the previous post too, so much goodness here!

echo said...

go girl!!

Danya said...

I totally understand the diet + weight gain + frustration thing. I myself gained several unwanted pounds after getting married and it wasn't due to blissful wedded happiness, it's been because of an intolerance to gluten. After 8 months of being sick, we're finally pin pointing the issue, and I'm having to totally revamp my menus, my grocery lists and my pantry stash. All that to say, God's definitely been walking me through this challenging season, and while I've felt less than beautiful, He's constantly reminding me of His love. I have no doubt He's doing the same for you sweet girl. Regardless of the challenges we face daily with our bodies and our image, He is the one who makes us shine! Best wishes to your new health plans. Something, also, that helped me get healthier was JuicePlus (so much so, that I became a distributor). I don't know if you're familiar with it, but check out my website for more info if you're curious. It may help! ;) Happy Eating your way to healthy!