Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love you all

{saw this photo and thought it portrayed perfectly how I feel right now}

I am so blessed by the life that I have.
Rather, I am blessed by God.
Yesterday on my way home from work, I kicked my shoes off 
and drove barefoot with the widows down.
Mumford and Sons sang to me while the breeze blew through my hair. 
I am happiest with the sun in my face.

My Love and I were given Blazer tickets last night, WOOT!
It was such a fun evening spent together...
{Thanks Echo!}
We sat side by side as we rode the MAX out to the RoseGarden,
flirting and people watching...
We were glad to spend time with each other on an unplanned date. 
We met Andy & Echo {such dear friends} at BurgerVille before hand for some
 yummy shakes and fries, and then walked over to the game linked arm in arm.
I am glad too that God made Hubby warm.
He's my favorite heater :) Just cozy up and all shivers are quickly gone.
 On a sad note, the Blazers lost, but we still had a lovely time.

Now, I am off to take a bath before the next events of my day begin.
I will light a candle, pray and rest my soul.
It so often gets flustered and overwhelmed...

It seems to me there are so many people overwhelmed and flustered these day.
If that's you, you are not alone.
We can do this, with the Lords help... and He will make all things new, 
and give us the peace our hearts are lacking. 
Perspective... His is best, and in that I find rest.

love you all.
Happy Wife

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Claire said...

i'm definately flustered these days...more than i ever have been. I don't like it.
Love the pic of Marylin x