Monday, April 11, 2011

Much Needed Hubby Time

I can't wait for Hubby to come home!
He makes me happy...
and he makes my world go round.
He is my best friend,
and lover ;)

This weekend was PERFECT!
We laughed, a lot!
Loved on each other, a lot!
And fell in love a little more... maybe even a whole lot more.

here are a few more funny photos of us love birds from yesterday...

this is my "whatever" face, and this is Hubby's "thinking" face

this is my 'HAPPY' face, and this is his um... I'm not sure what this look is?
babe? what kinda face is this?

this is us being... us.

and here you see, this is us and our pretending we're going to kiss faces.

it is bliss.
{LOL! not all the time it's not! :) there are many moments of frustration and dare I say anger that we face in this story of LOVE. But, alas, we have forgiveness, and understanding and a heart for faithfulness that has been given to us from GOD above! We'd be terribly screwed up if it weren't for Him! We're such selfish creatures you know! bah... 
So, because of God I am a Happy Wife, and because of God, my man is a Happy Hubby.}


Jennifer Rod said...

aww how cute. i love your hubby time photos. :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AHHH THIS IS THE CUTEST POST EVER. I love it. Seriously. Makes me so happy. AW YEAH.