Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scheduling Myself Into My Schedule.

Happy Saturday!!! 
Hurray! You've made it through another week!
I knew you could do it.
{high five!}

Dear Diary,                                                       Sat. April 9th 2011
I'm so tired! I really need to learn how to slow down. Until I made a few changes a couple days ago, I had at least four weekly, evening commitments not including my job. It's ridiculous! Take for instance Wednesday... woke up at 6am. I worked a half day, went home to grab a bite to eat and clean up a few things, got to put my feet up for a minute and then went to meet up with Nora{the sweet junior high girl that I mentor}. After chatting at Starbucks and helping her pick out an outfit to wear to school the next day, I went grocery shopping. {not just for a couple things, but for EVERYTHING we needed} Then as soon as I got home and after unloading, I drove out to meet up with Hubby. Together we then went to my best-friend Dani's going away, prayer night, potluck event {she'll be in Haiti for 3 months!} Well, that didn't get over till 11 I think it was, and my head didn't hit the pillow till 12. Thursday then, was busy as well...
All that to say, this week, I'm doing my best to slow down, take a few steps back and really try to balance things out.
The things that are really important to me are:
GOD. All my priorities, should be aligned with His. {He and I are growing closer}
Hubby! He is my first priority. {this is already in check. I get to spend so much quality time with him}
Myself... this one's tough. {as much as putting others needs above my needs is key, if I don't take care of myself and feel good being me, then I'm gonna be a crappy friend. SO working out, keeping things in order at home and within my heart need to happen! And I think this is where I get stuck. I don't take time to do this.}
Lastly, relationships/people are so important to me. I am SUCH a relational being! One area where I get to be with people is at church.
I serve in Revival City{youth group}. We meet every Thursday night. And I do what I can to take my small group girls, once a month, on some type of little outing. I also try spending time with them each one on one. Nora is special in that I hang out with her, now{was every week}, every other week.
My dear friend Echo and I get together almost every Thursday before youth group. She's so good for me!

I find it DUMB! that sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done, I sit down, don't do them, and find myself, an hour later, having done nothing! Not even what I would have wanted to do! You know what I'm talking about don't you?! Wasting Time!!!
So, this is why I would like to learn how to add to my life, the things that I love to do.
Sorry for all my rambling Diary, there has been a lot on my mind lately. I haven't even been able to hold a proper conversation {that's the worst feeling!!!}.
Alright, I need to be quite now... Just thought I'd bring you up to date on where I am at.
What's going on in my physical world...
It is 10:30am. Hubby is sleeping. I woke up right at 8am. The sky is white {which is nice, I know the sun is just beyond those puffy clouds}. I've washed my face, had some coffee, a bowl of cereal and started a load of laundry. A candle is lit at my side and tulips {HUBBY READ MY BLOG {this post} AND BROUGHT THEM HOME FOR ME LAST NIGHT!!!} are beautifully blooming in front of me on the table.

Oh, and we've made Saturday our day of rest together! NO plans, aside from us! {at least until 6pm. We'll go to church, and maybe spend time with loved ones afterwards. But before 6, it's our time. PRAISE JESUS!}

again, sorry for the rambling.

love you!
Happy Wife


Claire said...

I know how you feel. I have so many things going on in my head, things i want to do, need to do, and before i know it, ive been sitting aoround thinking of all the things having not done any of them!
I'm trying to get more structure in my life, to achieve all the things that I want to x

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

girl, what kind of a perfect title to a post is that?! i needed to hear just that very thing today, awesome is what. woosh, 4 commitments a week is a lot. good for you on finding the balance, those tightrope walks can be precarious for sure. and that is so darling that he read the post and brought you pretty posies. what a great man! happy continued restful Saturday. ♥

pea ess: thanks for the lovely comments you left me and the Ry-Ry love support ; ) baha! that was ace.

echo said...

I am so good for you :)