Friday, April 1, 2011


Hubby and I are watching a documentary on street art...
{Exit Through the Gift Shop} it's pretty good.
My mind is tired, I'm ready to shut off and head to bed.
So basically right now I'm just bumming it.
Doing nothing important... 
aside from chatting with my Love {which is always special}

Some days are busy, some are lazy, at times it overwhelming,
other moments are freeing and exhilarating.
Right now, as much as I'm ready to catch some zzz's,
I'm excited!
Look what I won today!

Cole over at Letters from Coco hosted a sweet giveaway for her friend who is adopting their first baby. I donated a little bit of money to the family and entered the giveaway for this lovely wreath.
Hubby always teases me because he wins everything, and I win nothing!
I'd like to think that at least I won him ;)
But guess what will be in the mail heading my way soon?!
Pretty new door decor!

ahh... I can't think anymore!
Cozy bed, here I come!

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Claire said...

oh wow lucky you! x