Monday, May 16, 2011


This was from about a week ago... not sure why it's been moved to todays date.
The below post is from today though.
"No More Elephant".

This makes me so sad... it just breaks my heart. "Everything looks good on skinny" is such a lie!
Today, my body looks more like the girl on the left. The not so skinny one. And friends, after seeing this image, I'm almost proud of it.

Yes, being healthy is So So important! But being a size zero means nothing!!! This world/the media/hollywood screams at us that we're not good enough as a size 8. Well, that's BS! I am beautiful. You are beautiful! We're good for a hug! A nice squeeze. We have big boobs and big butts, and we have bodies that are perfect for carrying babies. 
For too long I've been stuck in a rut... believing the lie that if only I were a little thinner, I'd be happy. 
I am happy, as the fuller me. This doesn't mean that I'll stop working out, or stop eating healthy. But it does mean that I'm not going to strive everyday after an image that an insecure society places upon me. I want to be a strong and confident woman, one who carries herself with pride and dignity. Though not because I have a teeny waste line and no curves. Seriously! We're all made with different body types! For all of us to obsess over this is ridiculous. 
From now on, I'm on a mission. I will reshape my own point of view. My own self discovery and appreciation. I will be a Happier Wife. And I'm sure my Hubby will be happier for my confidence.
Note: I'll bring you along in my journey of this... 
I've been thinking about it a ton any way lately. About these silly thoughts that flood my mind and how I want to be happy being me more than I have been. It's so dumb! Thinking that our lives are not filled with enough...
I am blessed with a thousand things I had never dreamed of! And I am beautiful. As a size 8. And even in my size 10s :)

Today is a new day. And I am so so very thankful for this new mindset. I want to live my life overcoming the silly lies that I cling to. And today, I've realized one that's okay to let go of. I am perfect in this package!
{sometimes it's hard letting go of the lies we find comfort in... and sometimes we don't even know that we're being deceived... at least that's the way it is for me. I know now. And even in this moment I feel a little stronger for seeing the truth of it all.}

This is me, right now. No make up. No trying. 
Just letting go, of my need to be "perfect" and recognizing that I am already perfect.
{I'm not really perfect... just perfectly made... you get my drift!}
You are all wonderful!
Thanks for listening,
Amber aka Happy Wife

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echo said...

you are beautiful!

p.s- i dropped my phone in the toilet today... not working :( so dont try calling/texting. I will be there tomorrow night though.

love you

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh my gaaaa! who made that ridiculous thing anyways, you are so good to write about it (very well i might add!) and call a spade a spade. seriously makes me wanna kick somthing round here and i thought my frustration from the blogger going down thing was bad enough. i've now used up all the alloted amounts of "goosefraba" for like a week!

you ARE beautiful Amber, in every way! i wish i could be so lovely without any trimmings, you really are stunning. happy week wishes. ♥

Jamie Walker said...

Sometimes I feel the prettiest without makeup! Love this post..... YAY for size 8!!!