Friday, May 13, 2011

Head Held High

Just thought I'd post this in case any one wants to watch it.
I am sure we are all aware of the re-touching that happens to the photos we see in magazines and adds, but it's always a good reminder to hear that perfection is ridiculously overwhelming and also, not real! We are human... and every single person has what the world likes to call "flaws".

For the majority of my day I felt fine about my body/image. But then when I went over to Target to find a few more summer outfits, I immediately got discouraged.
I feel SO bombarded with everyone else's idea of what a woman is supposed to look like. Hair, make-up, outfit & body all needs to be a certain way... but when I look in the mirror, I don't see the photo shopped me that I was looking for. I see a tired me, face flushed from the time I spent driving in the sun, hair flat, wearing *sweats, a t-shirt and sneakers. Over and over I told myself that I was beautiful, that there was nothing wrong with me... I held my head up, and continued my shopping. On the way home I prayed a ton and offered my heart to the Lord. Within a few minutes my burden was lifted and I made the choice to again ignore the lies that I'm not good enough.

I'm not the type of woman to walk around displaying my insecurities for the whole world to see. I think that for the most part I appear to be a strong, confident and joyful person... Which I am, but it would be a lie for me to say that there wasn't any form of weakness within me. As much as I am strong, I am also fragile. But like I said in my 'about me', it is my aim in life to tackle and overcome the silly lies that so quickly flood my mind and heart. { Christina Aguilera's song "I am Beautiful" just popped into head! ha remember that? }
Thanks for letting me be vulnerable here with you.
My apologies for any rambling that I do. I'm sure not all of my sentences are perfectly formed... this is me, making reasons for not being perfect... really for myself, rather than for you. Who cares! It's not like I'm entering this blog into a writing contest! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!
Poo on Blogger being down yesterday.
And here's to a fabulous weekend! {I'm raising my non- existent glass of sangria to you! cheers!}
Happy Wife

*ps - I am a Nanny to 2 wonderful little boys named Parker and Brady. They are 1 year old twins and such a joy to be with. Parker has cerebral palsy and much of my day is spent helping him discover and work with his body. Therefore my wardrobe consists mainly of sweats and t-shirts. It's nice being comfy... but it's hard feeling classy in this job. The perks far out weigh my silly thoughts though and I am blessed beyond belief to be a part of this family!!!

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Emily said...

Great post! I think we all suffer from the voices in our heads telling us we need to look like the models and actresses we see in magazines and on tv. I use photoshop regularly and am honeslty freaked out whenever a friend posts an unedited pic of me on FB now! yikes! I'm so used to being able to wisp away the lines and greasay-looking skin...and dark spots...that it makes me uncomofrtable knowing there are pics of me out there without the fix-ups. But then the real voice in my head perks up and tells me that the people who love me don't even see the lines or dark spots, they just see the real me and that's all that really matters! Keep your head high happy wife! Love from an adoraing husband and family is all that really matters!