Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Money Money Money

Happy Tuesday to all of you Lovely Readers,
It's been a wonderful one for me and I pray the same for you.

I'd had intentions of writing to you yesterday, but the hours between getting home from work and sleep ended up being filled with too many others things, and before I knew it there just wasn't time. 
Hubby and I went grocery shopping, ate dinner, went on a walk and cleaned the house... I'm sure you understand if I don't write every day ;) 
Know though that you are often thought about, and in my prayers.

Like I said before, today's been wonderful.
Work was a little different this morning; Grandma Susan and I took the boys to the park where they swung on the swings and played in the sand, while we enjoyed a bit of 'adult' conversation. She is always such a blessing to chat with. {- note, Susan is the Grandmother of the boys that I nanny}
On most days, I work from 7:15 to 4:15, but today she stayed and I left at 1.

This is where the the topic of $ comes in. {and how I prepared for Hubby to be my hubby}
When I left Susan and the boys, I had in my wallet, a $20 Macy's gift card, and I since the mall is pretty close to work, I thought I'd head on over and find something to purchase with the plastic moola.
After looking around for a bit and trying different things on, I ended up with...

three different things, that are obviously more than $20! The shoes alone cost $70. Then I remembered that someone had given me a 20% off coupon for Macy's that I couldn't use because I didn't have a Macy's credit card... which was also in my wallet... So if I added up the 20% I'd get from opening a card, and the 20% I had in coupon form, with the $20 I'd intended on spending, my total came out to be about $60. Which in my mind is pretty good for Nike pants, and top, plus these snazzy sneakers.

I've never been one to rack up much credit card debt or carry around a ton of 'plastic' in my wallet. For me, it was always scary to know that I could, metaphorically speaking, "drown" in a bunch of interest and end up paying loads more for an item than what it's worth. I have a Visa and use it randomly, but always pay it off. 
Before I got married, I thought about it often... how many of my friends had thousands of dollars in debt {which I'm not talking about school loans here} and how it was a monster of a number to tackle when trying to get rid of it. Please know though that I'm not saying any of you are 'bad' for having debt. It just scared me, and I shied far away from it. 
Part of my thinking too, was that I wanted to bring a financially clean slate into the marriage that I'd hoped to one day have. I wanted to show that I was trustworthy with money, that I was wise with what I had, and that I could make the most of the few pennies in my purse. 
I could have married someone who made next to nothing, and be proud of my spending habits. Instead, I have married a man who will soon be a lawyer {and we all know for the most part how they get paid.} But still, I will be wise. 
Hubby has said a number of times how glad he is for the way that I spend money... It eases his mind, knowing that he can trust me to be wise with our finances, because he saw that I was wise with my own apart from him.

We do have debt though! Hubby going to law school was not cheep by any means! Praise God that his parents paid for undergrad. So we have that debt, and my car {-note I LOVE my Honda Element!}. Oh, and I have a 'CareCredit' card from getting all my wisdom teeth removed. {insurance only paid a portion. Teeth are not cheep either} But something about the debt we have seems manageable. We don't like it, but are aware of the fact that sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of things and when every thing around you costs and arm and a leg, you have to be willing to sacrifice a leg. 

All that to say... Ladies, let's be smart with the money we have, wether married or not. I've had to let go of my lofty dreams of having fancy things for now, but I'm alright with that. There is joy and confidence to be found outside of money's deathly grip. 

Question for you:
Where do you find joy and satisfaction?
Relationships? Nature? Art? Music?

Hubby and I are about to watch the season finale of House. Maybe I'll go make us some yummy smoothies to enjoy... 
Alrighty, I'm out.

Love you all,
Happy Wife


Alicia said...

Love those shoes! nice purchase ;) So i think we should (along with any other women who want to join) start a running group. I know that i am not a trained runner, and it would be nice to work my way into it with friends. what are your thoughts??

Happy Wife said...

Yes! Let's!

Brian said...

AMBER DAWN! this was a blessing blog! I want to say these things to people in general, but also to my demographic of peeps. But young women who are wanting to be married don't realize how much their LIFE itself speaks or anyone for that matter. I've often thought about the debt that some of the young ladies have or rather spending habits they embark on and it freaks me out! I wish it was a small crew, but it is not. Anyways, thanks for posting this and I can say in confidence that what you said up there is true of your life. And YOU WATCH HOUSE!!!???? I just bought season 4 for $16 bucks and this show rocks my face.

Mrs. T said...

You got some great deals! At this point in life I can't afford every piece of clothing to be designer, or straight off the runway. That may never happen. Happiness is in being content with where you are. "Bloom where you're planted." There is so much more out there for us than Louis Vuitton and upscale beach houses! I don't want to look back on life and remember being discontent because I didn't have those things. What kind of life is that?! I have a WONDERFUL life! Yes, even sans Vuitton. (Must be shocking to some, I know.) :)