Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new beginning.

Dearest You,
... Welcome to a new beginning.
Thank you for joining me here. I am excited to have you a long for the ride. Who knows how this will all unfold. But I'm looking forward to this fresh start.
You see, I'm not much of one for computers and emails and facebook, nor for cell phones and texting... but, it is a technical world that I live in and I'm doing my best to accept it.
For me, it is where pen meets with paper that I relate the best. Thoughts unfold far easily there then they do here and something about it invites me into a deeper intimacy with whomever I'm conversing with.
Basically my blog feels super detached from who I am. I don't really like it. SO, I'm switching things up a bit...
Most day, I'll probably write out my "blog post" on paper, then come back to this MacBook of mine and type out my thoughts upon these white keys. Also, instead of the random posts that you've been so kind to read, I'll be sharing more about my life as a wife. It's the most important role that I've ever had to play, and one that I take very seriously! It is sometimes difficult, but mostly wonderful! Therefore, I want to share with you what I am learning and doing to make this the best darn marriage I can. Let me tell you what, it takes much effort but I've dreamt for years about being a wife... and on January 10th, 2009 I stepped into that role with great joy!
Being married for a little over a year now, I am still at the beginning of this journey.
Maybe some of you are married, while others are looking to someday be married... I just thought that it would be fun, to share some tips, suggestions, advice with one another about how we live as women wether loving our husbands or preparing for them.
At the end of each "post"... I think I'd prefer to call them "letters". SO, at the end of each letter, I will ask a question. Feel free to comment, but if you'd rather just read/listen, that's totally fine by me. 

Question of the day:
How are you preparing for your future Husband? {if you are single}
How did you prepare for you Husband {if you've already wed}

Next letter will be about how I prepared... 

I am so blessed to have all of you lovely ladies around me in this blogging world. I learn a ton through each of your stories and much of your sunshine fills the cloudy Portland days we so often have here!
Thank you!
a Happy Wife 


Jamie Walker said...

What a fun idea! And I'm totally like you... I write things down in my journal through out the day, then later on my blog. Because you can't put everything on your blog that you might write down in your journal!

Claire said...

I will look forward to reading still. I bought myself a new journal the other week and i@m def going to start writting in it :)