Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Praisin' God for the Sunshine!

It was an absolutely beautiful day today!
The sun was shining bright and warm and I had the day off to enjoy it's wonder!
This morning Seester and I got to spend some quality time together...
She and I went to Claire's {I felt like such a kid} and I got my ears re-double pierced.
They'd been done once before, but a long time ago and have since closed up.

I'm glad I did it... I like wearing a little extra bling.

Friends, I have something to share with you...


I love hip hop, dance and rap music.
Ah! Z100...
My radio was set to it all day as I drove with my windows down, sunglasses on and wind in my hair.
The beats are magic, and it puts me in a very happy mood!
My whole body just wants to move! 
I'm that silly looking girl with a dumb grin on her face as she rocks out to JLo's new song On the Floor.
The reason why I'm sharing this with you, is because, well, I want to share it with somebody... none of my friends, aside from Daisy! {love you girl} listens to these fancy tunes. {note - a lot of it is trash though. so I turn those songs off, you know, the ones all about sex and cheating and dirty stuff. my ears and mind say "no thank you'}
But the other songs, I could listen to for hours!
Any one else out there like a good dance mix?

Hubby is waiting for me to leave my laptop and join him in some cuddles.
I'll be back soon-ish.
Happy Wife


Natasha said...

Love the double pierce and the extra bling :) And I can't stop listening to JLo's On The Floor :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a fun day! and sunshine blessed you with it's warmth, so good! weird about your piercings closing up though, i've heard about that happening but mine stay open, even if i don't wear anything in them for ages.

i love hip hop/ rap too!!!! it's zee best. happy weekend wishes and thanks so much for the sweetest comment ever. xo ♥