Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Set your sails upon the hope of June."

"Set your sails upon the mighty winds of May.
 Set your sails upon the hope of June.
 Set your sails upon the air of warm July.
 Set your course for heavens shore."

I'm so thankful that once 1:30pm rolled around today, after the clouds floated away to reveal a brilliant sun, it's been happy flipflop weather, Praise Jesus! and I'm soaking up every moment of it that I can. 
After work I came home and played with Lucy {in-laws dog/we're house sitting} for a bit. We ran around the yard together and I threw her tennis ball for her, which she then, like most dogs do, ran after it and brought it back to me to throw again. Fun times!
Then, I hopped into my car and took a little drive to Jamba Juice for a yummy Apple n Greens smoothie.
Ahh!! Seriously, I can't get over this weather!! Still the sky is blue and the air is a little warm and it's 8:30! 
Normally Powell's is my first choice in book stores but for some reason I found myself wondering around Borders after purchasing my smoothie... Though it doesn't quite match up to my love for Powell's, it's still a building filled with books, and I can appreciate that :) First I looked through the clearance shelves, then to the Classics and Literature, Historic and Political and lastly I perused the Sci-Fi section. {I will share that boldly, I like Sci-Fi! no lie} I picked up a couple books here and there, but over time, I'd put them back and think about the better price I could get over at Powell's... so after 30 minutes or so wondering around the store, I left with nothing but an empty Jamba cup. {Anyway, I already have a good deal of books waiting to be read at home. SO many books, so little time!}
Once I had my literary fix, I ran home to pick up some things before heading back to my in-laws. Hubby went out to dinner with a friend this evening, and honestly, I kinda like having nights like this every once in a while. It's just me with no agenda but the one I create. And there's something about being alone for me that fills me with a fuel that get's me powered up for people time, Hubby time, job time... 
In my car, listening to the song I shared above, I let out a loud burst of joy! {joy does have a sound you know... it's different for every one, and if you know me REALLY well, you've probably heard mine... know though that if you have, you are very privileged. Because this sound comes out only when feeling 100% unashamed and filled with elation!} With the sunlight pouring through the trees that line the windy road home, and the smell of grass and flowers filling my lungs, I couldn't help but to shout out my love for the moment. To my God, who made that moment!
I am thankful for this evening.

Summer is just around the corner and I'm holding my breath in anticipation! I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one!

Peace Out Lovelies!
Happy Wife

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