Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Temporary Twilight

Hubby's been itching to get a motorcycle lately.
Me, I want a too many things...

I'm not really sure where to begin or what to say right now, 
but I do know that I want to share what I was encouraged by on Sunday night.

These are my personal notes from a church service I went to.
If you'd like to hear the message "Temporary Twilight" 
go here -> {Door of Hope}


*When we lose sight of Jesus, our days become dark.
*Whatever we are going through, it is only but a small happening in light of eternity.
*When in the twilight, TURN TO JESUS!
*Our first attempt at dealing with trial is to turn to one another for aide, rather than our God and Father.
*We must first set our gaze on Jesus Christ, rather than focusing on secondary issues.
*Celebrate the refining process!
*Become dependent upon the Source of life, rather than myself.
*Don't miss the heart of the issue.
*Jesus says "Just look at ME!"
*In the frustration, don't give up!
*We live in a fallen world. It is difficult, with much challenge and trial, even in our walk with God.
*I must learn how to pursue the difficult pleasures in life.
*It's our choice, what do we put our time into? What is important to me, what am I diligent to pursue.
*Jesus deals with us gently. {why would I not turn to Him?}
*Rely on God for the answers we look for, not my own knowledge and wisdom or that of others. Look to His voice first!
*"You do not have because you do not ask." Ask of the Father... bring to Him your heart.
*Our heart will be broken again and again- but it is better to love with the heart of Jesus and to know that joy, then to not know this love at all.
*There is much suffering before inexplicable joy.
*Often times the time of trial is longer than we'd thought we were able to endure, but when we face His light at the end of that trial, we see how necessary and perfectly ordained that time was to bring us into this new beauty and life.
*"I will NEVER leave you or forsake you."
*Jesus is with us during our trials. He brings us joy in the midst of pain.


For now, I will leave you with that. But I'll be back soon...
I struggle to put my thoughts down... only because there is a great wrestling of emotions and logic within me. 
Slowly my head is clearing and my heart is finding its footing.
Jesus is the Solid Rock on which I stand and I am blessed to hold His hand. {did NOT mean for that to rhyme} 

Still though, I am a Happy Wife. My Hubby is amazing, and this little funk that I've been in has actually been SO very good for our marriage. He has taken great care of me, and I am learning to trust him more and more with my heart. {I don't trust people with it very often...} He's my best friend and forever love.


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