Tuesday, June 28, 2011

27 Days Too Long/A photo filled day!

Dearest Readers,
It’s been a while…
It’s actually been 27 days to be precise.
How have all of you lovelies been? 
I’ve missed you!

Please, please, please excuse my absence.
Hubby and I are doing well. He is currently in the trenches of his BAR studies and still has a month to go! I am so very honored to be his wife and amazed at how hard he can work. {It’s at times like these that I’m glad he isn’t filled with emotions like I am! I’d be a total wreck!!}

Today I am hanging out with my friends Ben, Will and Jack. {Will is currently watching the Women’s World Cup, Ben is doing some type of science experiment and Jack is doing an art project next to me for his Mom.}
This summer I’ll be spending quite a bit of time with them, exploring different continents, having water fights, reading books and writing stories together. Oh and lots of Photobooth fun!

Will is wearing the glasses, Jack is shirtless, and only half of Ben's face is showing in most of these photos.

I'm sure you can tell by these pics and previous posts about the boys, that there is never a dull moment in their company. 

My Love and I are both in a new season, which means our marriage is in a new season as well. Him with the BAR and myself with work, our summer is in a little flux.
These days we spend little time together… I miss him, but this is how it’s gotta be. Him with his head in the books and me keeping myself busy at work and the gym and even a little girlfriend time squeezed in.
After Hubby takes his test {July 26&27th}, we fly to Austin, Texas to visit my Dad and Stepmom for a little over a week. We’ll go to Six Flags and Schlitterbahn and take a much needed vacation. I’m planning the trip and am really excited to surprise Hubby with a few different things. {I’ll have to share the details afterwards, since Hubby reads this too… “Love you Babe!”} What excites me the most is to spend so many days with my Prince Charming and not have to think about work or school or any other responsibilities! But I guess that's what a vacation is :)


Home now and ready for bed.
After work I went tanning, got back to our apartment around 7:45, ate a quick little dinner, worked out {LOVE me some TurboFire} and went to the pool with my sister, her husband and a few other friends. I could swim for hours! Oh and Hubby got to swim/hot tub with us for a bit tonight too! Such a wonderfully glorious evening!!! Warmth, Working Out, Swimming, Friends, Family and Hubby!
"Thank you Lord!"

Like my cheesy, I'm so happy/tired I don't know how to smile face?

I'm hoping to start writing again on a more regular basis. A lot has changed for me lately and I as much as it's been such a fantastic journey, the last couple months have been really stretching. 
I do miss Parker and Brady {the boys that I nannied for the past 9 months} and am blessed to have spent time learning from them and growing in ways I never knew possible. Go Team Watts!

Here's a video clip of Brady laughing at himself. {and BaBa means Amber} 
Love his laugh! Oh my goodness and his kisses!
-oh my goodness! I do not know how to edit this! 
it's going WAY TOO FAST! don't know how to slow it down
so I'm just gonna leave it... :) still cute though-

And here is Parker. Handsome little man. Filled with joy and amazing life!
He is truly a gift from God.


Well, Husband is sleeping at my side now, and it's almost midnight. {If you think about it, it's taken me all day just to write this letter/post!}
Lovely Friend, thank you for sticking around while I spent time away. I am back now! And though this summer is busy, I will write more often than once a month :)
Hope you are all doing well and having a good week wherever you are at.


ps. I wrote "little" 6 different times! and had it in there more but took a few of them out! Never knew I liked the word "little" so much...


Emily said...

I take lots of blogging breaks! Sometimes I don't feel inspired for months at a time. Happy summer! My husband was such a mess for me while I studied for the bar - I'm sure he could relate to how you're feeling for your husband right now! My advice for your husband is: stick to the tips the bar review course gives you and use their materials to study...and you'll be FINE! Promise! Easy for me to say. It's nowhere near as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I think the room full of panicked over achievers was worse than the test itself! Good luck to you both in the month ahead!

Claire said...

love all these pics! welcome back :)