Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seaside, Gym and Barbri

Love coffee shops... and people watching... and new music... oh, and listening to a bunch of super cool boys speaking french and being able to understand everything they're saying... ha ha! if only they knew! 

Hubby and I spent this past Memorial Day weekend at Seaside with a wonderful group of friends. It was so very relaxing, and we had such a fun time growing deeper in our relationships with them all. God has blessed us with a phenomenal church body and everyone has become family over time! Which is exactly how it's meant to be, in my opinion. Friends from SRF, I love you dearly!

I have been a busy busy girl lately! Turning the corner from truly disliking my body, to accepting and even embracing it has been life changing...  The gym and I are getting reacquainted with each other. {it's one of those things that I quickly get addicted to!} And I've also been experimenting with my crock pot... Why? Oh Why? had I not used it before?! {once you start there's no going back!} 
... Today I feel pretty. It doesn't matter that I'm wearing sweats and a t-shirt. I feel good. I feel alive and happy. Working out makes me a Happy Wife. Eating well makes me a Happy Wife. Spending time with friends and family makes me a Happy Wife... Hubby bringing me flowers today makes me a Happy Wife :) But at the root of all that makes me a Happy Wife, is God. The ability to move my body and work out comes from Him. Food comes from Him. Family and friends and Hubby, are also from Him. Though it's easy to become attached to all of the above, I need to become attached rather to the Lord. He is the source of life, the source of happiness and I must cling to Him. He brings order to the chaos in my head. 

Hubby and I are growing... slowly at times, but surely, closer and closer. We struggle to understand each other, get upset over little things {at least I do} and are doing our best to learn what the other person needs and how to give that when it's not naturally how we function. It's a challenge, but I LOVE IT! And it's a stinking good test of character. 

Until the end of July, we'll be in a different sort of groove. He's studying for the bar now about 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, and I'll be keeping myself busy around that. Where we're at is perfect for this though. No children, no job he has to be at {though he does have one lined up for when it's all over!!! Praise Jesus!} and I have a pretty full summer schedule ahead of me too. Even though we'll spend quite a bit less time together, this is all worth it! Please pray that Hubby passes the bar! {the official test taking is July 26-27th} I'm 100% sure that he will, but still, you never know. Things happen.

Sister and I went to the gym this morning, and got a FREE training session lined up for next week! Woot! I did a couple loads of laundry and showered while Hubby was at his barbri class {bar prep course} Then spent a little time talking with him when he got home, and am now at Insomnia {coffee shop}. I need to run by a tailor and get a pair of pants hemmed, I might hang out with my brother and I need to pay our bills! {don't forget Amber!} But what I'm really in the mood for is Happy Hour and a movie {I'm not even sure there's a good one out?}... any takers?! 

Well, I'm gonna head out. Hope you are all doing well.
Happy Wife


Kelsey said...

seaside as Oregon?! my favorite place on the Oregon coast is Cannon Beach. It is amazing. lovely post and happy belated memorial day!

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh I love everything you said about happiness coming from the Lord. Truth girl! And good luck to your hubbers on the bar! I'm sure he will dominate! And keep working out! It is so easy to get out of the loop but I am back in it and loving it too...makes you feel so much better!!! :)

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